Consignment Information


Strafford Saddlery has for years offered the ability to have you consign products with us. We now have an enlarged area for all to view your products. We request that you bring in your high quality items that are very clean and in good condition, which are current for our market. We are unable to do any repairs.

Saddle Consignment

Annie Penfield will review the saddles that you bring in and discuss pricing with you, and whether you would consider offers that may be lower than you expect. We will negotiate with the customer, and contact you for price approval.

Strafford Saddlery takes a 25% commission on the sale. You will make 75% when it sells. If your saddle is determined to be priced at $500 or less your commission can be 85% which can go toward credit in the store or if you prefer an 80% commission in a check payment. Payment to you occurs in 10 days to two weeks from sale.

If the saddle does not sell within 12 months, we will contact you to see if you want it back, renegotiate the price or if you would be willing to donate it. We offer a service of donation of goods to non-profit organizations, such as pony club, 4-H, therapeutic riding, or Wounded Warriors programs.

Product Consignment

We will review the products you bring in and discuss pricing with you. We will not accept items that are valued at under $5. Upon sale of your products Strafford Saddlery will take a 25% commission, you will get 75% of the sale as store credit.

Strafford Saddlery will display your consigned items for 12 months. At the end of the year you must pick up any unsold items. Unfortunately we can only hold items for 1 month after the consignment period ends. Any items left at Strafford Saddlery will become property of Strafford Saddlery and you will not receive any proceeds or credit from the sale of your items after this time. We will reduce them to a lower price at our discretion; dispose of them or donate them to worthy non-profit organizations. Often the organization will use the items, or they may sell them at tack sales in order to raise money.

It is best to call to make an appointment with the staff to consign your products as it may take some time: 802-765-4485 or

We enjoy being able to provide an environment where there are opportunities to "recycle" horse products for you.

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