Ariel Grald: Stubben Zaria Monoflap jump
Deb Dean-Smith: Bates Innova Monoflap dressage
Kylie Lyman Dermody: Equipe Expression Jump
Annie Penfield: Bates Elevation Deep Seat Jump and Stubben Portos Jump (and Equipe Emporio Monoflap Dressage)

We work with you as individuals for the best saddle fit for you and your horse. We know our saddles, we ride and compete in the brands we carry, and we can work with you on fit. Finding a saddle that fits the horse but provides security and balance for the rider can be a trail and error process. Therefore we carry over 80 new and used saddles. Test ride a saddle; talk to us about fit; consider your choices. Call us at 800-560-4485 to test ride.
We will ship anywhere in the US.

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