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Stir crazy and nowhere to go? Come to Strafford Saddlery for our series of scintillating events. Drink wine! Eat cheese! Enjoy a good, warm dose of information to energize your riding program and season plans.

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Thursday, March 15th at 5:30 PM

Entering Events with Laurie Hudson

The competition season will be here before we know it. What competitions are best for you? Dressage shows, events, horse shows? Unrecognized vs. recognized? Where is the best place to start your young horse or new rider? The best place to consider a move up? How do you enter all of the various competitions we have around us? Do you need memberships or paperwork?

Come find out about all the options we have in our area and the ins and outs of simplifying the entry process. This is a great opportunity for those moms and dads who get to wade through the first time issues of getting an entry in on time and properly completed.

Thursday, March 22nd at 6PM

A Team Approach to Training with Joe and Patty Forest

Don't' go it alone. Get help and work together on training your horse. And what is the best help for your training program and challenges. And how to effectively use long-lining as part of understanding your horse and improving your training. Make long-lining not only effective training but an art form.

Session includes team approach talk, video, and discussion.

Thursday, April 5th at 5:30 PM

Horse Boots: Working and Therapy with Jason Weaver from Shire's

What will stay up in the water jump? What is good on the flat? What will support tendons or protect legs? Improve healing with therapy boots that eliminate buckets and wraps with ice elements and compression in the boot. And hoof booties (more rugged than a diaper) for poultices and gel pads to help with treating and recovery from hoof issues.

Wednesday, April 11th at 5:30 PM

Launch Party: Bates Advanta Monoflap Jump Saddle with Geoff Spicer

We are excited for this saddle! Sleek design, high performance, low impact saddle. It cushions impact for horse and rider. It's custom fit. It's great balance. Incredible Leather! Come see what's great with this saddle!

Thursday, April 19th at 5:30PM

Helmet Fitting & One-k Event with Kim Lyons

Check your helmet fit. Better yet: be fit by the expert and order a new style. Or replace your existing helmet (has it been more than 3 years?) We will have new one-K helmet styles with chrome and color. Special sale price and free helmet bag with purchase.

Saturday, April 21st ALL DAY

GMHA Volunteer all-day party and sale

Thank you for your service! A special event for GMHA Volunteers: you know who you are.

Thursday, April 26th at 5:30 PM

Annie talks Tack

Which is better than talking trash. Preview the season. Hear about the new saddles from Bates, Collegiate, Stubben, PDS Carl Hester. What's different in trees and technology. Bridle designs and girths too.

Saturday May 5th ALL DAY

Kentucky Derby Party

Wear your most fashionable derby hat and win a prize and drink mint juleps.
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