Ice Vibe and Jake: Progress Report

December 16, 2013
by Annie Penfield
knee ice vibe

Ice Vibe and Jake: One month Progress Report

Our focus is to follow Jake's therapy and the effects of the Ice Vibe. You have met Caitlin and Jake last post.  And remember that Jake had a fall at the Plantation CIC3*, and although sound, he was sore where his right cannon bone and knee cap meet. He then competed at Fair Hills, and came off the course sound but it turned out he had sustained major trauma to his right superficial tendon with the core lesion extending up towards his carpal canal on Cross Country but did not show any signs of injury until resting in his stall.

Jakes knee still remains large even more so now because he has a standing wrap on that leg for the tendon so it's holding all the fluid in his knee. Caitlin has been icing and wrapping.  The knee is off course a tricky joint to treat.  Ice and cold hosing can effectively address the swelling of the joint itself.  Wrapping helps to support the tendons below and prevent the fluid from draining and filling the leg.

Jake knee photo 1

Once setteled back in Southern Pines, the Ice Vibe became a regular part of the therapy plan.  The Ice Vibe comes in several versions: leg/tendons, knee, or hock.  Caitlin is using the Ice Vibe specifically designed for the knee which means she can strap in around the joint for a consistent

layer of cold therapy as well as minor compression to the most affected area, the knee joint.  Additionally the ice vibe adds the cycle of the vibration to the swollen area.

jake knee 11-21

"I love the ice vibe and how easy it is to use. There has been improvements to Jakes knee, I wish that I had taken measurements from the start to see exactly how much is has gone down. I have attached pictures from today and think that I will start measuring tomorrow and keep you posted."

I think we can provide therapy more often if it is easier. So the EASE of the Ice Vibe allows application to be more regular. And it stays put on the leg.

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