Stubben Anatomic D Ring Double Broken Bit

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The Stubben Anatomic D Ring Double Broken Bit Features:

  • The 2252 ring bit comes with D rings that enable the rider to more easily steer the horse and have greater control over the direction of the animal
  • This bit prevents the tongue from slipping out to the side
  • It keeps the tongue in the center. Can be considered a corrective bit however it can be used on a regular basis
  • The mouthpiece is curved in a way that respects the horse's anatomy and hence helps communicating with the horse more quickly and more easily (bit is stronger, because the pressure from the top onto the tongue is stronger)
  • The double broken mouthpiece eliminates the nutcracker effect
  • Acts on the lips, bars, and tongue
  • Bent lateral pieces provide stable, comfortable position in the horse's mouth
  • Perfect for horses sensitive to high tongue pressure
  • No nutcracker effect or palate pressure
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