Don't Go Unnoticed: The Samshield Helmet — Safety and Style

December 10, 2012
by Lila Gendal

Some time ago, my mother, my sisters and I all went mattress shopping. Needless to say, mattress shopping was not high on my list of things to do at that age (or any age for that matter). I would much rather have been spending my time shoveling manure in a barn…really, I would have. But sometimes mandatory family outings are not open for debate. Regardless, I was young and definitely not in the mood to watch my mother and my older sister (who was in the market for a new mattress) make a mental pro and con list after testing each and every mattress in the entire department store.

To avoid any serious confrontation, I decided to take a nap on some random mattress and dream about the next horse I would gallop, jump or own! Well, I RANDOMLY chose to lie on the best mattress in the store, and this particular mattress was the Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattress. It was sensational! My mother always told me I had the most expensive taste of anyone she knew. I couldn't help it-I knew which the best products in life were! Lying on this mattress was like sitting on a cloud made of pudding! You could simply sink into the material and have this amazing sense of security, yet unbelievable comfort simultaneously. We didn't leave the store that day with a Tempur-Pedic, but I certainly left with a distinct sense of what real comfort revolved around–memory foam!

Fast forward about fifteen years later and I've found myself in my local tack shop-Strafford Saddlery, during a big sale. During the sale, I tried on a helmet that instantaneously brought me back to my youth in that mattress store, except this time the overwhelming sense of comfort and security was surrounding my head, not my entire body. I can honestly say I have never tried on a more flattering, or more soothing helmet than this new line of helmets made by Samshield!

As an event rider, and as someone who has been riding a lot of horses over the last 20 years, I have gone through my fair share of helmets. I am pretty sure I started riding horses with a bicycle helmet-which, in retrospect, was a lot better than not wearing a helmet at all. Helmets have gone through waves of variations and alterations. As time passed in my childhood, I became increasingly more involved with horses which led my family to invest in better head wear, and leave the bike helmets for actual bike rides. Helmets are fascinating pieces of equipment, cosmetic and yet essential, and the Samhield Helmet undoubtedly fascinates me.

Samshield got it when they designed this line of helmets. Samshield strategically combined high-style with high-tech functionality, making this helmet not only gorgeous to look but, but extremely easy to wear and incredibly safe. In fact, Samshield has become the number one helmet of choice for several top European riders. Now that Samshield has become ASTM/SEI approved, the line of helmets has become available for purchase in the US.  Samshield is proud to offer American professional and amateur riders the ultimate head gear in fit, safety and style. ( Samshield helmets are exquisite, highly functional, and extremely comfortable…what more could you ask for in a single helmet?

Several reasons why Samshield to put on your wishlist:

1) Ventilation. This helmet has a unique cutout design along with advanced air channels which allow increased airflow. One of the number one biggest complaints in the world of equestrians is that riders heads get overheated, which can obviously be extremely problematic. Overheating can lead to several problems such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and more. Samshield does not restrict airflow. This revolutionary helmet will you keep you cool on the warmest of days. Some helmets attempted to solve this overheating problem by placing vents on the top of the helmet, or on the sides of helmets. Samshield placed their air channels directly above the rim of the helmet which creates the most direct and efficient path for air to pass through. Not only is this helmet exceptionally designed, but is highly functional, and looks fantastic as well!

2) Safety. Samshield has designed a helmet that is ASTM/SEI approved and provides all the necessary safety features a helmet must have this day in age. Safety is the number one most important factor in the riding world. There are countless regulations in official rulebooks for eventing, dressage and hunter/jumpers, some of which cover proper and mandatory head gear. A huge benefit to owning a Samshield Helmet revolves around the memory foam liner, as mentioned previously. Furthermore, this liner can easily be removed and washed when it becomes dirty, or has a bad odor. Samshield actually recommends that the liner be cleaned from time to time because perspiration build up will ultimately clog the pours in the material, making the liner lose its original shape. Additionally, with the memory foam liner, along with a functional comfort leather harness, a correctly fitted and cared for Samshield helmet will never shift forward hindering a rider's view. Nor will it slide back in case a fall occurs resulting in a potentially dangerous contact at the base of the skull. Therefore having a helmet that fits and provides safety is a must. Samshield covers all the before mentioned bases and looks fabulous on every shape head! "Samshield's strong, light polycarbonate outer shell and EPS inner core keep riders safe…" The extremely important safety factor combined with Samshield's distinctive design and ground-breaking air channels guarantee constant comfort.

3) Comfort. As mentioned previously, this helmet feels like a tempur-pedic mattress circumventing your head. A memory foam liner actually comes with any purchased Samshield helmet. The foam liner inside the helmet maintains shape while allowing the helmet to fit appropriately and securely. (An important side note-these liners can be purchased individually at any time).  A common problem with other helmets revolves around ill-fitting designs. As time passes, your helmet can became looser as the inside liner thins out, even after numerous cleanings, the helmet will not hold its original shape. But the memory foam liner of the Samshield helmet does exactly what memory foam was designed to do: mold around an object while maintaining shape. This innovative design and liner provide continual comfort, while flattering any shape head. Every time you put your Samshield helmet on, it's almost as if the helmet comes to life and actually remembers the specific and intricate shape of your head.

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4) Style. There's simply no denying the beauty in the inventive design that Samshield has created. These helmets come in numerous varieties, colors, and bling! These helmets can be custom made to your specific taste. There are countless different choices, but whatever specific style you choose, you will not go unnoticed. This helmet cannot help but draw and allure the attention of those surrounding you and your horse. This helmet ups your game, whether you're in the jump ring, or doing canter pirouettes in the dressage ring. In the words of Brianne Goutal, the winner of this years $100,000 FEI World Cup Grand Prix at the 88th Royal Horse Show in Toronto, her Samshield helmet "provides ventilation, which I love when we are in hot climates, and the color and texture options make it adaptable to any taste or style. I'm planning on wearing mine for a very long time! Samshield helmets are flattering on every shaped head. They look amazing straight on and from a profile perspective. They are an extremely slimming and incredibly flattering line of head gear. By offering numerous colors, texture options, and providing aesthetically pleasing appearances, this helmet ultimately appeals to a broad range of equestrians. Depending on your personal style and your discipline, this helmet can be custom designed to reflect your individual taste.

No matter what the design and no matter what the color, Samshield will not disappoint. This helmet truly has it all, from the strategic ventilation, to the innovative design, all the way to the overwhelming comfort.  Samshield has created a helmet that has jumped leaps and bounds past other helmet manufacturers. This helmet will reduce overheating, provide continual safety, and offer unparalleled comfort, while allowing riders to look their best at all times! What more can I possibly say…let the helmet speak for itself…Samshield!

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