EquiFit MultiTeq Front Boots

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EquiFit MultiTeq Front Boot

The Original Multi-Teq boots offer full-coverage protection for daily exercise and turnout. Its ImpacTeq™ liners provide extreme impact protection. The shell will look forever new thanks to its scratch, tear and puncture resistant EverLeather™ cover. Safety is guaranteed with double-reinforced safety closures. The use of memory foam lining not only supports your horse's tendons, but also has some give to allow tendons to expand and contract as necessary. And a feature we really like, as the material warms, it molds to form close contact with the leg, preventing dirt and debris from getting under the boot. Made in USA.


  • ImpacTeq™ liners provide extreme impact protection
  • Scratch, tear, and puncture-resistant EverLeather™ cover
  • Pressure points are dispersed with three straps
  • Double reinforced safety closures
  • Made in the USA
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