Stubben Golden Wings Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

Item #: 33011007
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The Stubben Golden Wings Loose Ring Snaffle Features:

  • The Golden Wing loose ring stands out with the very unique look of the lateral wings
  • These wings were designed to improve upon the limitations of the regular loose ring snaffle bit
  • The wings prevent the lips from being pinched, the horse is therefore more relaxed and can more easily be steered.100% pinch-less
  • Strong hands are limited by the wings securing the bit in the proper place
  • The Golden Wings Loose Ring can be used for any type of discipline
  • It is equally appreciated by beginner riders and professionals
  • Can be used as a loose ring or mild gag
  • Set up as a gag, it increases impact of the rein aides on the mouth and poll
  • Sweet Copper promotes better acceptance
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