Stübben EZ Control Full Cheek

Item #: 33011008
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This Stubben EZ Control Full Cheek Features:

  • This Easy Control bit is well-suited for horses that tend to pull
  • A simple tension turns the double-jointed mouthpiece into a rigid bar, providing more leverage
  • EZ Control eliminates the nutcracker effect and palate pressure
  • The mouthpiece is sweet copper for better bit acceptance
  • Cheek pieces provide excellent lateral support and help to position it in the horse's mouth
"The Stubben EZ control full cheek has been incredibly helpful with one of my young horses who had issues accepting the bit. When I first got her, she avoided the contact and didn't trust it. She can be strong at times, but is extremely sensitive in her mouth. The EZ control bit gives her enough stability and confidence in the contact, while still allowing me to subtly communicate with both sides of her mouth. She has become much more secure in contact and through in the connection." — Ariel Grald
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