Tredstep — The New Direction Of Tall Boots

September 11, 2012
by Lila Gendal
raphael tredstep

As an event rider, and as someone with a slightly obsessive personality, I have always found certain horse products that work for me. Once I like a specific brand, or company, I am locked in and forever faithful to that one brand. For instance, my very first pair of tall boots were Ariat boots. I have been an extremely loyal Ariat customer, wearing Ariat tall boots for the last 15 years of my life. Being a devoted customer seems like a decent quality to possess, although trying new things in life can often times be more beneficial, and certainly more interesting. While saying goodbye to Ariat boots will be trying, saying hello to an amazing new boot, like the Raphael Tall Dress Boot, by Tredstep could change my riding career completely.

I don't actually own a pair of the Raphael Tredstep Boots , (but the day is coming soon. I can feel it in my feet) I have walked around Strafford Saddlery Tack Shop, in South Strafford, Vt, and that's when I knew these boots were made for me.

Anyone who has tried on new boots before has a mutual understanding of how uncomfortable new boots can be. Even worse than walking around a shop in new boots, is actually breaking in new boots. Jumping, or hacking in new boots can be quite a miserable experience. My feet usually hurt and right behind my knees usually rub. Breaking in tall boots does not revolve around a pleasurable experience, though once broke in, tall boots are supposed to be supple and molded to your foot, ankle and calf.

Guess what? Breaking in Tredstep Tall Boots does NOT require an agonizing experience. In fact, breaking in Tredstep Boots is quite the contrary experience. This happens because, "…Pro-Flex design allows immediate full flexion of the ankle without the need to break in the boot" ( This innovative technology that Tredstep has created has essentially revolutionized Tall Boots. The leather feels unbelievable supple and elastic, while maintaining that durable feel that a boot ought to allow.

V aug jump school!

There are several varieties of Tall Boots that Tredstep has designed: The Raphael, Da Vinci, and Donatello. Each style has slight variations making the three pairs of boots unique, and yet they all follow the same principal idea which revolves around the increased flexion design. The Raphael Tall Dress Boot has everything I have ever looked for in a Tall Boot. This boot gives off an illusion of looking like a field boot with its intricate profile, and yet it is a dress boot. And as an event rider this appeals to me because this boot has two faces; from a distance the boot has similarities with a field boot, and then when you take a closer glance the boot is in fact a dress boot. Since I don't have money spilling out of my pockets and can't have two pairs of boots, but I can have the two boots in one—an ingenious design. This boot combines the elegance and simplicity of a classic dress boot, with that of a more versatile field boot that so many of us (event riders) wear!

Stepping out of my comfort zone will be a challenge, and yet trying new products that will not only enhance my riding, but will be painless to break in seems like a win-win situation. The Raphael Tall Dress Boots By Tredstep are on the top of my list for new horse gear for 2013. I cannot wait to school and compete in such a high quality and beautiful boot. Until then, I will be walking around my local talk shop in "my" Raphael Tall boots envisioning my ride.

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