Winter 2024 Newsletter

Winter 2024 Newsletter

I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with you with a newsletter! I will be able to showcase new products, keep you updated on Strafford Saddlery, and share what's happening in the community. I hope you find my newsletter interesting and useful. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for topics you'd like me to cover. I look forward to connecting with you!

Our new website!
We are still developing content and adding features, but all our saddles have been loaded: from the oldest Stubben and Crosby to the just released Wintec Isabell Icon model, the Carbon line of Equipe saddles, and Custom Täkt line.

We are committed to carrying a range of saddles, new and used, to allow us to fit you and your horse with a design that suits your horse’s conformation and meets your goals. We also have a small selection of accessories for saddles: leathers, irons, half pads, risers, and girths. Shop online or book an appointment to shop in our saddle showroom in Quechee, Vermont. Please email to book your appointment.

News in the saddle world:
Takt has new models in the works, so stayed tuned for their new developments as well as the new offerings from Bates saddles: Versa, Kimberly HB, and the newly redesigned Bates Isabell. We will be sharing information about these new models on our media and website. They will be in store next month. The new Strafford Saddlery can now focus on this one important area of our riding experience!

LM Boots:
We carry custom LM Boots! Fittings are available by appointment by emailing me at LM has an excellent website to review the options
and styles. I have been very happy with their workmanship and customer service and the price!

Community Announcement:
NEW horse department at WEST LEBANON FEED & SUPPLY
West Lebanon Feed & Supply has stepped up to serve the horse community with
product. Please check our their their horse department that includes: grooming, stable, blankets, saddle pads, halters, leads, and more.

Strafford Saddlery will be working in partnership with West Lebanon Feed & Supply on special events to serve our riding community. More details to follow
as we are closer to our spring riding season!

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