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Luxe Leather

For the ultimate in luxury leather, upgrade to the Luxe Leather from Bates Saddles

Luxe Leather is hand-selected from the finest calf-skin leather in the world and meticulously cared for throughout its specialized tanning process. This will guarantee exceptional performance in strength, richness of color, ultra-soft feel and level of grip to meet the unique demands of an equestrian saddle.

Leather is a natural product and as such any marks, scars or colour variations within the Luxe Leather are not a fault and add to the individual character of your new Bates Luxe Leather saddle. Your new saddle will feel exceptionally grippy, luxurious and succulent from day one, providing you with the ultimate in comfort and prestige.

Experience the prestige of owning a Bates Saddle made especially for you in Luxe leather. Some of these saddles are in stock, but due to their hand selected nature, you may experience a wait time of up to 12 weeks for your new saddle – it will be worth the wait!