Custom Horse Tack and Apparel

Pikeur softshell shadbelly


We order shadbellies to fit our customer in the same way we order custom boots. It is a thrilling moment when a customer comes to order their shadbelly, either dressage rider or event rider, crosses the threshold of performance to the level of the shadbelly. It’s like watching dreams come true. Not all dreams we witness are of such a grand variety, most of us strive for goals within a season—the first dressage schooling show, or canter around the first Beginner Novice cross-country. We know what it takes to reach for dreams, and we have the apparel, not only to fit the part, but also to help you to wear your dream.

  • Pikeur shadbelly in either classic wool (navy or black) are stocked and available in 4-6 weeks.
  • Pikeur softshell shadbelly is made to order and takes 8-12 weeks.
  • Asmar Shadbelly available in a week.


Custom boots from Vogel, Dehner, or Koenig. Made to your measurements and an average of 10 weeks. Make an appointment in the store.


Custom saddles from Stubben. Customized fitting for Bates. Call for an appointment.


Your riding helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment designed to protect your head and help reduce the chance of injury, but did you know that your helmet is only designed to absorb shock ONCE? The energy generated in a single collision is dissipated through the collapse of material lining the walls of the helmet, but once the material has collapsed from an initial impact, it offers little to no protection from additional impacts. Because of this it’s essential that helmets be replaced even after what may seem like a minor impact. Even after just being dropped onto a hard, unforgiving surface, your helmet may be damaged, even though it may not be immediately apparent visually. In fact, even with no impact at all, the realistic lifespan of a helmet is about 5 years, after which the absorbative material deteriorates.

Also a helmet safety is enhanced by correct fit. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes and are more comfortable and safer if they shape suits your head. This is why we carry so many brands of helmets: Charles Owen, One-K, Samshield, Ovation, and Uvex. Each one offers different technology and features and we are trained in the fit of each one.


Having trouble getting the right fit for your horse with a stock bridle? We do work with two companies that will custom fit your bridle.

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