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Studs with Special Guest John Nunn of Nunn Finer

We review Annie's stud kit in and John Nunn of Nunn Finer gives us his expert advice on setting up and stud kit and answers customer questions!


We cover our entire girth wall and why we choose to stock the options we have!

Adjustable Saddles

Join us to discuss adjustable saddle models and why we stock them!

Saddle Health Check

Join us to discuss saddle health checks in week one of our saddle month series!

Join us to learn about the saddles we use on our own horses!

We discuss back shape, fitting challenges, and common situations we run into while fitting! We discuss why we choose the saddles we have and the things we have found to make our own horses happy under saddle!

Bitting Series Week 1: Eric Smiley on Bit Basics and Common Questions

Eric is an accomplished equestrian and highly sought after and enthusiastic teacher. He has taught clinics world wide in addition to publishing books for riders. Join us to learn about bits from an equestrian master!

Bitting Series Week 2: Bomber Bits with Ingrid Truman

Join us to learn about the Bomber brand, we will discuss their unique design and fitting philosophy!

Bitting Series Week 3: Bomber Bits Continued with Ingrid Truman

Learn about things to look for when solving a bitting problem and go over some specific Bomber models. We are so excited to have these bits in our store!

Bitting Series Week 4: Join us for a discussion on our top selling bits!

Bitting Series Week 5: Learn about Sponsored Rider Daryl Kinney's bit wall and the bits she is currently using on her horses.

Hackmores with Nunn Finer's John Nunn and Sponsored Rider Anna Loschiavo

Learn about the design process and function of hackamores from designer John Nunn. Sponsored Rider Anna Loschiavo shares her personal experience and application in upper level eventing!

Bridle Review with Sponsored Rider Daryl Kinney

We discuss bridle brands, options and anatomical vs. classic designs.

Breastplate Fit and Function

Horse Boots for the Eventer with Sponsored Rider Ariel Grald

Dressage Boots and Wraps

Protective Vest Fit and Function

Helmet Fit, Function, and Technology

Fly and Tick Control with DVM Kirsten Glass of Citadel Equine

Learn about products and environmental adjustments you can make to help protect your horse from ticks and flies.

Fly Control

Learn about our different fly repellent options and get ahead of the bugs!

Activities for Kids with Heather Dostal of RER Ponies

We discuss age appropriate reading and activities for your horse crazy kids! Learn about the reading groups and google classroom Heather has set up for her students!

Bates Artiste Dressage Saddle Review

Annie and Megann are back with a review of the new Bates Artiste Dressage Saddle!

Discover Wintec Saddles

Learn more about Wintec Saddles and HART Technology

How to Clean a Wintec Saddle