Horse Blanket Attributes

Surcingles Front Closure Tail Flap Denier Neck Design Shoulder Design

What Blanket is Right For YOUR horse? There are a lot of great features to fit your needs. Brands offer different features that affect fit, performance, and coverage. Determine what your horse needs by learning about the features.

What suits your needs? What environment you are keeping your horse in? Out all the time? Alone or out in a herd? What is your budget? And the shape of your horse can influence choice.

THE TAIL WRAP: Better Coverage

Horse Blanket Tail Flap

WeatherBeeta Orican Blankets offer a Tail Wrap which provides the best coverage from behind. The horse has the least hair between his hind legs and so loses the most warmth from the tail. The tail wrap covers and reduces heat lost. Horses on full time turnout or out in bad weather tend to turn their rump to the bad weather and so the full tail wrap feature is a good defense against wind and changing weather.

Most other blankets offer a Tail flap, such as Rambo, Rhino, Amigo, Saxon. The coverage not as extensive as the tail wrap but still a flap against the elements.


-Three straps, on the Rambo line, across the belly  with leg arches to wrap the blanket around the horse.


New Rambo has velco on surcingles. Means if a leg gets caught in the strap, the straps will just pull free.

-Two straps of the traditional blanket can mean less straps to tangle with.  Most of our blankets have two crossing surcingles:  Orican, Original Rambo, Rhino, Saxon, Genero.

Leg Straps vs. Tail Cord: What's your preference?

Tail Cord is removable New Rambo has coated the tail cord in PVC which means it is easy to clean and easily replaceable.  The Horseware line favors the tail cord over leg straps and the blanket is well-balanced and so functions well without them. Be sure to keep the tail cord on the blanket (don't go without) otherwise when the horse rolls or a strong wind blows, there is nothing to secure the blanket. Mares often make a mess of the tail cord and therefore their owners gravitate to a blanket with leg straps.

WeatherBeeta Blankets have leg straps. Stallion owners often prefer the leg straps or any horse that grabs the blanket and tries to pull it off. These blankets can be converted to a tail cord if that is your preference. Because the leg straps are removeable, they can be washed separately.

NECK DESIGN: is about Coverage and Fit

High Neck or Wug of the Orican High Neck or the Rambo or Rhino Wug secures the blanket higher on the neck and can shift the weight of the blanket off the withers. If you find the rain often leaks down over the shoulders, you may prefer the increased coverage of a high neck.

Wither Relief is a feature on the WeatherBeeta blankets which lines the sides of the withers with a thick padding in order to relieve the withers of the pressure of the blanket.

Standard neck blanket sits on wither.  Orican Standard Neck, Rambo Original, Rhino Original. Amigo, and Saxon blankets have the traditional neck design.


Horse Blanket Front Closure

Front Closure: addresses conformation

V-closure: two large clips secure higher on chest. Often a nice choice for a horse with a big chest. Can move pressure higher up chest and alleviate rubbing that may occur on the shoulder. Clips are big enough to handle with winter gloves on.

Straps with quick clip: very adjustable straps with buckles can offer precise fit. Once the buckles are set, you can use the clips which mean you don't have to fumble with the buckles with your winter gloves on.

Two front straps are the traditional blanket closure offered by the Original blanket lines.

What is Denier?


Is your horse alone or in a herd?  We often suggest a denier of 1000 or greater if the horse is with another horse and will better withstand impact of the other horses.  But it's not just about the denier but the materials the blanket is constructed with that affect durability.  The Rambo has 1000 denier but a ballistic weave that means we rarely see it in the repair shop and we have washed a blanket for 15 seasons–they last that long. Orican blankets use a ripstop material that minimizes damage.  The denier does not increase the waterproof quality of the blanket.  We choose blankets that have the ability to withstand stress.  But if your horse is in a less stressful environment, your considerations may differ and not be so ballistic.

The blanket we see LEAST OFTEN for Repair:  Rambo

GUSSETS: For a better fit.

Horse Blanket Shoulder Design

We preferred the freestyle darts that moved the gussets to the shoulder in the WeatherBeeta blankets. The Gussets allow for freedom of movement and alleviates pressure on shoulder which reduce any rubbing on the shoulder
Detachable Neck: Nice option particularly for days with changing weather from rain to sleet to snow to sleet to rain. Rambo, Rhino, and Orican are among the blankets we  carry in the shop that offer this feature.

**Blanket with the most  fitting features: Orican

Polyfill: How much Insulation do you require?
Light has no fill. A rainsheet.
Medium: 200grams to 220 grams depending on manufacturer. Often recommended around 32 degrees, depending of course on the quality of your horse's coat.
Heavy: 300 grams.

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