Ice Vibe by Horseware: Circulation Therapy

by Annie Penfield

Reduce, Repair and Prepare–Cold pack and vibration boot for care of your horse's leg

ice vibe boot

Owning a horse is anything but simple. Just when you think you are in the clear with a horse, they step on a sharp rock, or get kicked out in the pasture, or have an infection. Arguably, the odds are not in our (horse owners) favor, meaning there are more headaches, heartaches, tears, blood, sweat and money poured into these creatures than there are 'easy' times. And yet we want more horses (and more headaches) because we are so desperately enamored with these incredible animals, and for that reason we cope with these daily difficulties. Thus, when a product comes along that makes our lives easier, and perhaps healthier, we automatically gravitate towards this item.

With such a promise of health, ease and longevity for my horse, I held the package of Horseware's Ice-Vibe in my hands. Ice-Vibe has revolutionized icing horse's legs. Whether you spent the day galloping, cross-country schooling, or working on canter pirouettes, Ice-Vibe will help cool down your horse's legs. These boots are rechargeable, vibrating boots that help boost circulation in your horse's legs. Ice-Vibe can even be used before you work your horse, "Using the boots before you ride…increases bloodflow to the tendons and ligaments, making them more elastic, which can help reduce risk of injury." ( As horse owners, we always look to eliminate swelling and any kind of soreness while maintaining blood flow for healing purposes and Ice-Vibe does exactly this.

How exactly does this Ice-Vibe work, you're asking yourself? Well, it's simple while being extremely effective! Each Ice-Vibe contains the following items: 2 ice-vibe boots, 2 ice packs, 2 vibrating panels, 2 batteries, 1 battery charger and 3 universal adapters. All you have to do is charge one or both rechargeable batteries, depending on whether you are cooling down one or both front legs. Once the battery is done charging, you simply slip the battery in the outside pocket in the ice-vibe boot. You also will have already refrigerated your ice packs for a couple hours and then you will wrap the ice pack around your horse's leg, which is followed by wrapping the ice-vibe boot over the ice pack. There are different settings depending on how much vibration you want on the leg-which helps with circulation. Ice-Vibe does not only have to be used as a cooling down remedy, meaning one could just use the vibrating boot, without the ice pack. The best way to truly become educated on Ice-Vibe is to visit and read the descriptions as well as watch the short video clip.

Kylie XC Millbrook
Kylie Lyman uses the Ice Vibe after the Horse Trials or after a conditioning workout

Eventing is hard on the horse, but harder still on the equipment. Former Vermonter Kylie Lyman, an Advanced level event rider who now lives, rides and trains in Ireland, put Ice Vibe to the test and found it an effective therapy for the horse and a capable of withstanding the often punishing lifestyle of the eventer: "I first used Horseware's Ice Vibe boots last winter in Florida with both the Nichols' previous upper level event horses — Trading Aces and Garrison Flash. The boots are the rare combination of both simple to use and effective. With all of the gadgets out there, these are excellent value for the money, and I immediately bought additional gel inserts for icing multiple horses. Few purchases earn their keep so quickly, and the boots have held up to plenty abuse — after tough jump schools, after gallops, and at events. They were one of the first things in my suitcase when I moved to Ireland!"

Owning a horse requires work, dedication, patience, among many other things—perhaps a sense of humor. We would agree that dealing with these animals on a daily basis can drain us at times, but we keep at the various horse sports because we absolutely adore these animals, and so we will welcome products that not only protect our investment but prolong these relationships. Therefore when a product like Ice-Vibe comes along, we immediately gravitate towards its user-friendly model and its overall effectiveness.

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