Kerrits Tights: For Everyone

by Annie Penfield
kerrits performance tight flow rise

Whether you are an avid competitor, or you enjoy leisurely trail rides, equestrians are well aware of the fact that comfortable and functional apparel is non-negotiable. Most of us have closets and trunks full of various styles of gloves, half chaps, paddock boots, random pairs of breeches, and the madness doesn't end there. Arguably, one of the most crucial pieces of our riding wardrobe occurs from the waist down. In other words, what style breeches we are sporting can either make or break a ride. This may sound dramatic, but you can imagine breeches that don't breath, are restricting, cause bunching, or cause pinching. Riding, competing, or schooling a horse is challenging in itself, therefore equestrians don't need the added pressure of pants that add pressure.

Kerrits tights are one of the most popular brands and at Strafford Saddlery; they are our best selling riding pant. We have a huge breeches selection that can accommodate all types of riders, but the ever popular Kerrits Tights are a crowd favorite—and they cross all discplines. These tights have revolutionized the way riders feel about their breeches. From Dressage riders, to Event riders, to Endurance Riders, Kerrits tights have become a favorite, and here's why.

For starters, they are referred to as "tights," because they are pull-on and so they are soft, elastic, non-restrictive.  The fabric is stitched together to suit the contours of the body which makes them comfortable, move well, and flattering. They also feature anti-slip "Kerrits Sticks" technology. You may be wondering how exactly this anti-slip technology works? "The silicone carrot pattern distributes an equal ratio of stretch, stick and breathability throughout the inner leg and seat, making this the ideal choice for high heat riding conditions" ( Ultimately, these tights allow you to move with the motion of your horse, while keeping you locked in your tack with the silicone carrot patterns.

Another alluring feature that Kerrits tights have to offer, are the countless different styles. There are of course knee patch versus full seat, but within these categories are a plethora of unique sub categories to choose from. For instance, under the knee patch group, are the ever popular Klassic Performance Riding Tight. These tights are desirable for those who want to wear their breeches at their natural waistline. They are designed and cut for the classic woman! These tights feature a soft four-way stretch Fabrisuede Tactel, flat seaming and paneled structure.

There are tons of full-seat favorites as well. The Sit Tight Supreme Full Seat are a great summer tight, for schooling, or for competing. These tights are also desirable to wear while galloping your horse on cross country! These tights have been specifically designed to keep the rider tight in the tack, which is why they are ideal for this discipline. They are lined with what Kerrits calls Coolmax, which provides increased breathability, as well as ventilation, two features any rider would want on a hot summer day.

Kerrits has created a tight like no other company out there. These tights are not only undeniably comfortable, but are affordable as well, which is a huge bonus. They have styles for winter, summer, spring, and so much more. Furthermore, they are not geared toward one specific type of rider, but rather they appeal to all types of equestrians. Add these tights to your breech collection and stop worrying about your breeches bunching, or pinching. Stop focusing on the fact that your breeches are not super breathable, or comfortable.  Let these tights take care of you and Enjoy the Ride in Kerrits Tights!