Magic of Horseware Ireland's Airmesh Cooler

by Lila Gendal
Skybreaker looking thrilled in his Airmesh cooler! But he is dry, after a sweaty workout on a cold day.
Skybreaker looking thrilled in his Airmesh cooler! And he is dry, after a sweaty workout on a cold day.

The Multifaceted Rambo Airmesh Cooler!

Managing a farm, and riding horses in the winter in Vermont can be rewarding in many ways, and completely daunting and exhausting as well. Dealing with frozen water buckets, slippery turnout, frigid temperatures, endless shoveling and plowing, and so much more, can try your patience. After trudging through snow, hammering your buckets, and mucking your stalls, you are finally ready to actually ride your horses. You are torn between lightly working your horse so he, or she, doesn't become completely saturated, and really working your horse the way you want, but then having to deal with the inevitable sweaty and fuzzy animal. Now what?

Personally I have an endless supply of coolers, sheets, wool coolers, and fleeces that I have collected over the past twenty some odd years. I am almost always in Vermont this time of the year, and therefore try to be as prepared as possible when it comes to properly covering my horse after a hard ride. I don't have my horses clipped right now because it is so cold, and they would have to wear even more layers (which I don't have), so I am caught in the trap of trying to find that perfect cooler that will allow my horse to dry off in a reasonable amount of time.

A few weeks ago, right before all the horses left Tamarack, I watched a friend of mine throw a very attractive, and somewhat different looking cooler on top of her drenched horse. Naturally, I went over and investigated. It felt fairly thin, breathable, and squishy sort of like foam. I looked underneath at the material and it appeared to be a holey cooler underneath with this meshy material on top. My friend was on the fence, as she never used a cooler like this before. Hope it works…we'll see. About 30 minutes later, my friend brought her horse out of the stall, took off the cooler and like magic, the horse was sleek, dry and ready to go back outside. So of course, I ran right out to Strafford Saddlery to buy my own Airmesh Cooler! And I haven't been disappointed!

The Rambo Airmesh Cooler is one of a kind and is made from polyester airmesh. The cooler is completely breathable and light weight. Surprisingly, this cooler has been designed for those hotter days when you have your horse at a competition, or perhaps in the stable. The secret is, this cooler offers maximum ventilation which allows sweat to be released efficiently. Maybe this cooler was created for cooling down your horse in the heat, but low and behold, it works amazingly well for cooling down your horse in the winter as well. Furthermore, this cooler can be used as a layer. In other words, you can throw the Airmesh Cooler over your horse, and if it's really freezing out, you can layer a fleece, or another cooler on top, while still allowing the Airmesh cooler to do its job! The Rambo Airmesh Cooler is one of the most multifaceted coolers I have ever used and I highly recommend the product!