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We have over 100 new and used saddles in our shop. Visit our Saddles page to view our current selection.

New Saddles we specialize in are: Bates, Wintec, Arena, Equipe, Stubben, PDS Carl Hester, Collegiate, and Takt.

We have had extensive training in the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution, CAIR Cushion System, and HART technology.

We are certified Equipe, Takt, and Stubben Custom fitters. We know how challenging it can be to fit both horse and rider. We can help. Call us for consultation. Trial any of our saddles. Email us questions, photos, or to make an appointment. Within range, we will come to your barn, or we can connect you will an independent saddle fitter.

With all the innovations to saddles, it has become more specific to fit both horse and rider. And often this process involves trial and error. Therefore we offer a saddle trial policy. All our new and used saddles are available to ride in. Because no matter how great you hear a saddle works for your friend, it may not work for you and you won't know until you have ridden in it.

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Another great resource on saddle fitting is this article about the science of saddle fit by Equus. Click here to read!

Saddles need to be adjusted every six months no matter what the material. Wools wears and horse's muscling changes. Horses change depending on maturity, type of work, and fitness level. Keep an eye on how your saddle responds to those changes. It will also inform your training. Uneven balance will inhibit muscle development and cause back pain. We work with several saddle fitters. Be sure to keep your wool flocked to your horse.

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Jump Saddle

A year ago, I tried in the Bates Next Generation Deep Seat Jump saddle. After only twenty minutes and a few verticals, the change in my horse and myself was surprising. I did not even realize how tight my horse was on landing until he relaxed under the CAIR Cushion System of this saddle. As soon as he relaxed, I too was a quieter and a more secure rider. It was obvious that the tension eased as a result of the air panels on his back. I found that the air provided some absorption for the rider as well, much the way the springs in the front frame of a mountain bike ease the tension on the shoulder by taking up shock. The CAIR panels assist the seat in reducing impact on the rider body as well. Ease of rider movement and freedom for the horse made it an easy decision to switch both my competition horses to saddles with the CAIR Cushion System for jumping and for dressage.

dressage saddle

Impressed by Isabell Werth's commitment to the Wintec saddles, I decided there was benefits to riding my own horses in the lightweight synthetic saddle. Weather in Vermont is temperamental and my schedule means I ride when I can so synthetic was an easy care choice for bad weather and poor tack cleaning routine. I was happy to have such a light saddle to carry down to the indoor in the winter and my horse's responded well: shoulders opened, backs swung, strides adjusted quickly to my seat aid. Why spend more when my performance would not be less? And if the multi-medalled Isabell can ride at the World Equestrian Games in a Wintec, I think I can ride at my local dressage shows and horse trials in one. It's about the training and the performance is my gauge.

"I only ride in saddles with CAIR, as my horses have demonstrated to me the immense performance benefits it offers them. Knowing my horses are 100% comfortable enables us to realize our full potential." -Isabell Werth

Bates, Wintec, and Arena saddles offer a range of options for the precise fit: CAIR Cushion System panels that conform to the shape of your horse, Shims to further tailor fit, a EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution system to adjust the head plate and affect the tree points, and a girth point system. The TWENTY MINUTE response: girth up your saddle and allow twenty for the air to conform and balance on your horse.


For more information on maintaining an optimal fit, Click Here!


Bates, Wintec, and Arena saddles have replaced wool flocking with the innovative air panel. The air panels create a fluid cushioning to hug your horse's individual conformation and allow even weight distribution over the length of the panel. The air panel will not shift or wear unevenly nor breakdown over time.

For more information on CAIR Panels, Click Here!


This system adds a new dimension to saddle fit. Forget the correction pad: Make the correction within the saddle and because shims are inserted between the panel and the tree, the panel remains a smooth surface on the horse's back. Shims come in two widths and are in three sections, thus allowing you to raise parts of the panel or the whole. And the saddle can be easily fitted to accommodate the change in the horse.

For more information on the CAIR Cushion System, Click Here!


The width of the tree points can be adjusted by changing the gullet to the width that suits your horse. The system offers six fractional fit gullets and four fractional fit gullets in the WIDE saddles. Size can be determined by using the gauge. And as your horse changes over the course of your training and the seasons of conditioning and downtime, you can re-fit the gullet to your horse.

For more information on the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution, Click Here!


Part of saddle fitting is the position of the billets. For some horses, the girth pressure applied to a billet attached to the tree point can pull a saddle too low on the wither and exert pressure on the shoulder and restric movement. In that scenario, to move the girth to billets more central to the tree can help the balance of the saddle. The new girth points are now easily removable making billet replacement simple and less expensive.

The Wintec and Bates dressage saddles use the adjustable Y-girthing system to suit the barrel of your horse. Girth up and then adjust the billet to fit your horse's shape for a better balanced saddle and more stability.


Interior blocks for thigh and knee are removeable and replaceable. Choose the size that is best for you.


The Bates, Wintec, and Arena saddles fit a variety of horses and now with the WIDE models, these saddles are able to accomdate wider breeds.

saddles kylie
Our local rider Kylie Lyman competing at her first Advanced Horse Trials at Millbrook. Kylie currently rides in the Equipe Viktoria Dressage, Equipe EK26 Jump, Equipe EK Class Jump, Equipe Glamour Dressage, and Equipe EKGO Jump.


Part of your saddle fit is the girth. Contour girths move with the musculature of the horse and don't inhibit muscle development. Double-elastic girths or full elastic girths apply equal pressure to both sides of the saddle.

How to measure a saddle:  We can work with wither tracings to help you fit your saddle.

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