Takt TSD-10 Dressage Saddle

Item #: 40266001
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Takt TSD-10 Dressage Saddle

The Takt TSD-10 will indulge the rider in style, comfort, and performance; this saddle is truly built to impress.

The TSD-10 is a true Mono Flap allowing for close contact between the horse and rider. The billet arrangement was designed to stabilize the front of the saddle and the proprietary tall and angled cantle was designed to give a secure deep feel.

Performance features include a deep seat, fully customizable block, medium twist, and a generous gullet. The deep seat offers the rider a very secure but not restrictive seat, and the external block secures the riders position and allows for a straighter leg. The medium twist design ensures the most comfortable ride for professional and amateur riders alike. The ample gullet width was carefully designed to minimize pressure on the horse's spine.

The TSD-10 includes a full front gusset with the option of a three-quarter front gusset. There are nine standard block styles to choose from, or a custom cut block can be made for the ultimate fit.