Technical Coats by Pikeur & Horseware: Ride With Style

by Annie Penfield
Pikeur Skarlett Show Coat
Pikeur Skarlett Show Coat
Horseware Competition Jacket
Horseware Competition Jacket

Do you ever go down centerline at A, or trot into the show jumping ring all the while attempting to embody another rider who you idolize? Perhaps you channel Ingrid Klimke when you enter the dressage arena, or maybe you're envisioning Anne Kursinski when you head into show jumping. Regardless of which rider you are picturing in your mind as inspiration, we all want to feel and look our best when competing. Nobody wants grass stained breeches, or coats covered in horse hair. Part of what makes competing so alluring is the fact that we (the competitors) become somebody else when we put our show clothes on. It's as if we are taking on an alter ego. There's our non-competing selves and our competing selves. In order for our competition selves to step up to the plate and truly feel like we are taking on this role as the competitor, we want to be properly outfitted.

A dressage coat, or show jumping jacket can literally make or break your ride. Think about it. Having a coat that restricts your ability to move, or that doesn't allow you to properly breathe when the temperatures are rising can be infuriating. Quite honestly, the very last thing you want to think about when entering either the show jump, or dressage arena are ill-fitting clothing. Instead you want to be envisioning the movements in your test, or maybe you're memorizing your course. When you're in competing mode, you do not want to worry about buttons popping off your jacket, or feeling restricted in your arms or shoulders. Here are two lovely jackets that come highly recommended and are very popular right now.

Let's start with the gorgeous Pikeur Skarlett Show Coat. This coat not only looks fabulous just hanging on a rack, but it looks even better when you try it on. This jacket continues to be a favorite due to its versatility, irresistible style, and elastic and comfortable feel. Because of the slightly shorter design, countless competitors are wearing the coat in both their dressage tests and their show jumping rounds. Honestly, why spend hundreds of dollars on a traditional long dressage coat and a shorter show jumping coat, when you could have one jacket that serves both purposes? The Skarlett jacket features two front zip pockets in addition to two zipped side vents which are hidden by seams. It also features shiny silver buttons in the front and a flattering fit. Lastly, this jacket is very elastic, extremely comfortable, and allows freedom of movement, plus it can be machine washed!

Next we have the Horseware Competition Jacket. This jacket is not only a crowd pleaser, but is extremely affordable! It's similar to the Pikeur in the flexible material and the shorter cut, but has different features and a slightly different silhouette. One feature that riders love about this jacket is the red interior.  This jacket also features a lightweight and flexible material allowing for total freedom and movement. There are two side zipper pockets, as well as silver buttons with the horseware logo on them.  There's a vent in the back for ventilation and the style and cut is flattering and appealing to all shapes and sizes. What more could you want in a jacket?

Finding the right jacket can be exhausting and frustrating. As competitors, we are constantly searching for the perfect blend of comfort and style, which not all jackets provide. However, the Pikeur Skarlett and the Horseware Competition Jacket meet these demands. They are shorter in length, which offers versatility. They are flexible in material which allows for better movement. They are stylish and fashion forward, and they are both beautiful to look at. If you're having trouble deciding between the two, you'll just have to stop on by our store and try them on for yourself!

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