What Lies Beneath….Matrix ERG Half Pad

by Lila Gendal
matrix half pad
Matrix ERG Half Pad

I truly find it fascinating how times have changed. Human interaction and face to face conversations have been replaced by tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging. Old rotary phones have been replaced by iPhones and Blackberries. Cars actually back themselves and park on their own. People don't mail letters anymore. What is a handwritten letter?

Like the times, horse sports are undergoing continual transformation. Whether you are a dressage rider, a jumper, a hunter, a western roper, or an event rider, the level of competiveness is greater and expectations are higher both inside the arena and out! Similarly, tack and horse gear has also evolved. Not very many people just throw on an old, misshapen and rock hard saddle onto their horses back anymore. Not only have our saddles changed immensely, so have what lies beneath our revolutionary saddles! Saddle pads and half pads are all the rage. An amazing piece of technology and design can be seen in the new Matrix ERG Half Pad, By Toklat!

Take the innovative Matrix ERG Half Pad By Toklat: This half pad has pockets distributed all over the pad in order to add cushioned inserts where you might need extra padding, depending on your horse. With this new product, people have the ability to construct the half pad that your horse requires by using an assortment of materials and inserts. These inserts not only offer orthopedic and therapeutic protection but also add to overall performance. This pad is strategically designed to relieve pressure on those sensitive areas on your horses back.

Padding and correct fitting can make or break your horse's overall performance. Think about it. How would you feel lugging a child around on your back for hours and having a metal bar between you and the baby? Now, think about how you might feel carrying your little angel around with soft padding and extra cushioning between you and your child? This is a no-brainer. But, if you are a rider who uses half pads, understands how everything ought to fit on YOUR horse, and are looking for something to reduce pressure on your horses back and shoulders, without restricting movement—this is what Toklat's Matrix ERG Half Pad offers!

This half pad looks fantastic too! The Matrix Half Pad also features 100% Australian Sheepskin. The sheepskin has been tanned (modifying the wool) in New Zealand and has been done in an environmentally friendly way, meaning the alteration process minimizes the use of toxic and threatening chemicals. Also this wool provides high breathability because air has the ability to pass through the hollow fur fibers. This pad also can easily be cleaned, washed, dried and even bleached to keep the pad sparkly white! If you would like a fantastic video that shows you how to use this pad, how it fits and more interesting details please visit the following site and scroll down about three quarters of the way down the page until you see "Matrix Saddle Pads By Toklat. http://tackculture.com/videos-2

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The Matrix Half Pad has this amazing non-slip, anti-friction surface that maintains a secure and even saddle position. There is nothing worse than starting a ride, and having to stop and get off your horse to reconstruct all your padding, or single pad. With this new half pad that Toklat designed, you won't need to get off your horse to reconfigure your padding anymore. This half pad keeps everything in place and extremely secure!

The half pad market has produced countless options. This really comes down to your specific horse and how your saddle fits. That being said, research has shown that, While gel pads provide shock absorption, the enclosed bladder can't breathe and the fluidity of the gel moves to apply more pressure on sensitive points. Horses can get extremely hot and actually sweat more and back pain may not be alleviated but in fact increased Fleece Half Pads, Sheepskin, and Wool Products, such as the Matrix pad do not add extra sweat to your horse and the wool surface contours over trouble spots without applying more pressure. The Matrix Pad simply provides more saddle security, more shock absorption, breathability, and overall more comfort for your pride and joy!

Toklat got it! The Matrix ERG Half Pad seems to be the best half pad in the market. This pad really does have it all. The pad provides an amazing amount of comfort and cushioning for both the rider, and more importantly, the horse. As mentioned earlier, The Matrix Half Pad can be slightly reconstructed with the various insert options for corrective solutions. We spend an immense amount of time and money on these animals. We spend hours planning for them. We spend all day and night thinking about them. Since we spend all this time analyzing, debating and planning for our horses, why not buy a half pad that will only enhance your horse's ability, performance and overall demeanor? Give it a try...Matrix ERG Half Pad, by Toklat!