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Lovett and Ricketts Rubicon Saddle-17.5"-Wide-Black

Lovett and Ricketts Rubicon Saddle-17.5"-Wide-Black

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This beautiful saddle has never been used! Designed as an endurance/trail saddle, it has crossover appeal. The long flap and design could work for dressage as well as a trail saddle. This is a 17.5 wide model with wool-flocked panels. This is a great choice for a wide horse, with round barrel. Buffalo leather.

The Rubicon’s unique innovative saddle tree featuring a more open pommel and swept back tree points, which gives a whole new freedom to the movement of the horse, eliminating restrictions in the shoulder area. The stirrup bars are located in a  centered position, thus enabling the rider to achieve a comfortable leg position over long distances. Our stirrup bars are hinged relieving any pressure on the horse that is a common problem in this area were the stirrup leathers are attached. Our swing stirrup bars are made of the highest quality Heavyweight stainless steel and crafted to be unobtrusive to the rider’s thigh, which is a common problem associated with long distance riding.

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