Strafford Saddlery Riders

Ariel Grald

Hometown: Born in Minnesota; grew up in New Hampshire and Vermont

Currently Based In: Southern Pines, North Carolina

Discipline: Eventing

Ariel was fortunate to grow up caring for and riding horses at her family's farm in New Hampshire. After riding her Pony Pinocchio at local hunter/jumper shows, she tried eventing and rapidly developed a passion for the sport. Training with Laurie Hudson and Sue Berrill, Ariel competed through the one-star and intermediate levels while in high school. After graduating from the University of Vermont, Ariel moved to Southern Pines, NC in the winter of 2012 to train and compete full-time in pursuit of her upper-level eventing goals. She began riding horses for Annie Eldridge and is currently the head trainer at Annie's Setters' Run Farm. Ariel has produced several horses through the advanced and three-star levels. With a talented string of horses and a supportive group of owners and people behind her, Ariel looks forward to pursuing her goal of competing at the four-star level.

What is the best part of your typical day?
"Arriving at the barn around sunrise to tack up and ride horses while the farm is still and quiet."

What's your life motto?
"Life is short. Always choose happiness."

Daryl Kinney

Hometown: Rochester, Michigan

Currently Based In: Southern Pines, North Carolina

Discipline: Eventing

Daryl is originally from Michigan, but moved to the east coast to attend college and then started working for Denny Emerson, upon graduation. Darly graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a B.S. in November of 2007. Daryl also rode with, and worked for, Tom and Joan Davis at Flatlands Equestrian Center. While there, Daryl started her teaching career, and was able to become a Massachusetts Certified Riding Instructor. She also worked with Karin Donckers, a top FEI event rider, in Belgium. Daryl says, "Union Station,my first advanced horse, had done a couple prelim events before I started riding him. We struggled with the jump to Intermediate but eventually, with a lot of work and determination, became an advanced pair. Rosie's girl had never competed before I started riding her. She took some time in the beginning but is now a successful Advanced horse. Most recently, Rosie won the CIC** at Virgina."

Favorite Place in the World?
"My favorite place I have visited is Vienna, Austria. Seeing the Spanish Riding School was amazing and the city is just incredible."

Tell me about your first horse:
"My first horse was a paint mare named Patty. She was a surprisingly nice mover and had a pretty nice jump.We didn't quite hit it off in the beginning, but the more I rode her, the more I liked her. She eventually went up to training level, but was sold when I was in college."

Anna Loschiavo

Hometown: Bradford, Vermont

Currently Based In: Bradford, Vermont and Ocala, Florida

Discipline: Eventing

Anna Loschiavo operates Anna Loschiavo Eventing out of Chase Hollow farm which is based in Bradford, VT in the summer and Ocala, FL in the winter. "My horse education started with my mom who continues to help me with the horses and my business. At the age of 7 I joined the local Pony Club and achieved by B-rating at 15 years old. Over the years I have been lucky to have learned from some of the best equestrians. I started as a working student with area professional Jane Hamlin. I later was able to work for Olympian Phillip Dutton before working as a rider at Ann Kitchel's Huntington farm working under Grand Prix Dressage rider Deb Dean-Smith who I still train with. After developing my own business I have primarily ridden with David O'Connor who I am fortunate enough to train with extensively through the winter months. I have now produced three horses from scratch through the CCI** level earning my first FEI win this year at the Jersey Fresh CIC**. I continue to strive to bring each individual horse and rider to their full potential as I continue on my endeavor to be a competitive CCI**** rider."

What is the best part of your typical day?
"The moment each day that either a horse or person teaches me or makes me realize something that I didn't know when I started the day."

Must have/favorite equine product or piece of equipment:
"My Charles Owen helmets, nothing is more important than having an approved helmet to protect our heads when we ride. Charles Owen has a beautiful, comfortable design and I love all of the customization options available."

Kylie Lyman

Hometown: West Hartford, Vermont

Currently Based In: The Nichols' Tom White Hill Farm in Pomfret, Vermont and Ocala, Florida

Discipline: Eventing

Winner Fair Hill CCI3*L 2011, Trading Aces; 7th Garrison Flash: 1st, 3rd in the 6 & 7 y/o USEF National Championships

2012 USEF Developing Rider's List: Trading Aces, Garrison Flash

Winner Jersey Fresh CCI4*S 2016 Sacramento, 7th CCI4*S Lup the Loop

2016 - 2nd Bromont CCI4*L Lup the Loop, 3rd CCI4*L Sacramento

2016 - 7th Millstreet (Ireland) CCI4*S Lup the Loop

2016 - Top 20 Blenheim (UK) 7 & 8 yo's Lup the Loop

2016 - US Nation's Cup Team -Boekelo (NED) Lup the Loop (USEF Jacqueline B. Mars Training Grant)

2017 - 3rd Bromont CCI4*L Lup the Loop, 5th Da Vinci Code

Tell me about your first horse:
"My first pony was 'Sir Robert of Bunnington', a 13.2hh Haflinger X with a docked tail -- he was originally a driving pony. I completed my first beginner novice on him, along with horse shows in the hunters, equitation, trail classes and Pony Club. He was a star and taught everyone who had the chance to ride him so much. My first week away at pony club camp left us with the Triple Crown Award as he dumped a rider in all three available arenas!"

What is the best part of your typical day?
"I love every moment spent with my horses, but especially the quiet mornings in the barn when the day is just beginning. There is nothing better than early mornings with you and your horses."