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Passier PsBaum Nicole Dressage Saddle-16.5"-Medium-Brown

Passier PsBaum Nicole Dressage Saddle-16.5"-Medium-Brown

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The Passier PS Baum Nicole Dressage saddle has a cut back pommel to offer a more accommodating fit. It has a generous thigh block with a molded flap. The saddle has two long billets, the forward is a point billet. It has an overgirth to secure the flap. The saddle is in good condition with smooth, full grain leather that has been well cared for.

The PS saddle tree was developed 50 years ago by Passier, and has been continuously produced since then by our own saddle masters in Langenhagen. More than 1,200 steps are necessary to produce it. The main materials are wood and leather. In order to achieve the high degree of flexibility, several bamboo strips are worked into the saddle tree.

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